Need your logo re-designed for a special occasion?

You may remember last year that TinyHosting re-designed it’s logo and added some christmas effects.

Rewind to 2014 and this appeared on your screens

Christmas Logo

Well today we are pleased to announce we have a few more logos done up.

Poppy Appeal Logo

Halloween Logo

We’ve got loads more being designed right now including:


During each of these occasions we will update our logo on the website and across social media. Of course once they’ve been designed we will show them of on our blog too!

However if you’re looking to get your logo done over for any occasion then there is someone on Fiverr who does this for just $5 per a logo. You can visit him here if you’ve not used Fiverr before sign up here and you’ll get a free gig on Fiverr! Which means you could get 1 logo done for FREE! Paid for by Fiverr.

It’s worth checking it out!

Ashley Williams

My name is Ashley Williams and I am the founder of TinyHosting. Based in Gloucestershire, 26 years of age.