Did you get an Apple TV for Christmas?

Did you get an Apple TV for Christmas?

If so you’ve probably been checking out the AppStore just like I have.

You’ll probably be a little disappointed that it’s looking rather empty at the moment but fear not developers are working hard already to bring you new apps to the Apple TV AppStore.
We’ve got some great news too!

Ultimate Radio Pro is getting an Apple TV app. It’s included in the price so if you buy the iOS version you get the Apple TV version for FREE! The great news is this is ONLY for Ultimate Radio Pro. Sorry free users but you’ll have to upgrade to get this one.
We’ve done this for a few reasons. Currently there is no supported ad networks for Apple TV. We also feel if there was (or is) then ad’s would not really be suited or look nice on an Apple TV app. We’d rather keep it nice and simple. Our Pro version which removes the banner ads from the app also becomes more than just an ad removal version. Pro is even more unique because it get’s Apple TV support where as the free one doesn’t.

There is also some other news. Juice Radio is also coming to the Apple TV.

We’ve sent both apps to Apple TV today so now we play the waiting game.

Ashley Williams

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