Buy your SSL certificate directly from cPanel cheaper

We are pleased to announce we’ve added a great new feature to cPanel.

You can now purchase an SSL certificate directly from cPanel which will be installed and setup for you.

Ensure you have a Dedicated IP address before. Once you’ve done this simply login to cPanel and go to  SSL/TLS Wizard. 

Select the domain then click Continue. Then select the SSL certificate. We recommend the Comodo SSL. Then click Add to Cart.

Then in the top right click the Checkout button. This will redirect you to the cPanel Store. You’ll need to register for an account with them and they will process the payment.

Once you’ve paid cPanel the SSL certificate will begin installation to the server for you. You’ll need to provide some information and you may need to confirm your email address but it’s really simple and easy.

The cost of the Comodo SSL is $15 and the cPanel SSL is $12. We recommend Comodo but it’s your choice. This works out around £10.30 & £8.26 based on the Currency conversion from Sunday 5th June. Of course our Comodo SSL is £10 however as the USD to GBP conversion varies you may get it cheaper. From time to time we may also offer reductions.
As the process is automated it’s much quicker than buying direct from us as setup can take up to 24 hours when purchasing with us due to domain validation and certificate generation.
Of course you have the cPanel SSL option which will save you some cash too!