Our future into the Cloud

Anyone who is a keen eyed spotted will notice there has been some changes on the TinyHosting website over the last few days.

So what’s changed, what’s happening and what is in store for the future…

Well we can now confirm that we will no longer be looking to offer Virtual Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private Servers, Domain Names, Server Monitoring & SSL Certificates.

Virtual Servers are costly to maintain and run and the profit margins are so small it’s not really worth our time. Most of our customers don’t need a virtual server and using our Cloud Hosting is perfect therefore there is no need for us to look into offering virtual servers.

Domain Names are not cheap for us to buy. As a small company the discounts on offer to us are very little compared to those big name companies who can sell domains at low rates. Any customers with an existing domain with us will continue to work however we’d recommend moving to another provider but we are still happy to continue the way things are. We just won’t be selling domains from now on.

Server Monitoring was good. We had a few clients but they all used the free plan. While free is great it generates no income for us therefore it’s not something we can run. Our provider also came into some issues which meant we had to cease trading.

SSL Certificates are becoming cheaper by the day. Well almost. Thanks to cPanel we can sell an SSL certificate for just $3. So we therefore decided to offer our customers the lowest priced SSL certificates we could.

We are going to remain focused on Cloud Web Hosting and that’s what TinyHosting will always be about. It’s our 6th year trading this year and we are so pleased with how far we have come.

We’ve been dabbling into different markets away from our main website too which is great for the business as a whole.

You can find out more about other stuff we do by visiting our corporate website www.tinyhosting.ltd.uk just one thing to note we are very much still working on this new site so watch out for changes.

Ashley Williams

My name is Ashley Williams and I am the founder of TinyHosting. Based in Gloucestershire, 26 years of age.