Our New Special Logos

We mentioned yesterday about special occasion logos. Well today I’m pleased to share them all with you… Birthday Children In Need Christmas Earth Day Easter Fathers Day Mothers Day New Years Red Nose Day St Patricks Day Valentines Day Halloween Poppy Appeal Logo with contact details Official Logo

We’ve gone all Appy

The last time we made a blog post we told you about an app we where building, Radio by TinyHosting. And since then (apart from the Poll from Ashley) we’ve been rather quiet about it on the blog. Well today I’m pleased to confirm the app is live in the AppStore along with a few… READ MORE

Win 1 Years FREE Web Hosting worth £20

[gleam url=”https://gleam.io/ymOFJ/win-1-years-free-web-hosting-worth-20″]Win 1 Years FREE Web Hosting worth £20[/gleam]

POLL: Which Mobile Platform do you prefer?


Hufflepuff Upgrades coming

We are pleased to announce that we are planning some major upgrades to the Hufflepuff server very soon. We won’t be upgrading the specification of the server as we feel it meets our requirements and suits our customers perfectly. Instead we will be changing the platform we use. Currently Hufflepuff runs on DirectAdmin. DirectAdmin is… READ MORE

TinyHosting Launches Shared Hosting

Today is another big step for TinyHosting and continuing to grow we have today launched Shared Hosting. Shared Hosting uses cheaper technology so we can offer the same low prices everyone expects with bigger perks. You can check out our plans at http://www.tinyhosting.net/solutions/shared-web-hosting/ Our plans start from £2/mo or £20/year. Our Shared Hosting runs on Plesk… READ MORE

Tweet Tweet from @TinyHostingLtd not @TinyHostingNet

It’s been a while now since we changed our twitter name from @TinyHostingNet to @TinyHostingLtd however it appears we haven’t actually put a blog post up to say so. So this is a quick post just to let you know. If you followed @TinyHostingNet before then don’t worry you still follow us! We just use… READ MORE

50% off at RailWorks Hub 25% off at TinyHosting this May Bank Holiday

It’s a bank holiday weekend! Woo! Time to sit back and relax… And what better way to get driving on Train Simulator 2013 with 50% off all RailWorks Hub Products. Get 50% off this weekend now by going to http://tnyh.pw/63Yeq Fancy creating a website? Moving Host? Well snap up 25% off all our Web Hosting… READ MORE

POLL: Which TLD Do you prefer?

So last week we asked you what type of advertisments website’s should be able to display. 60% of you said None, 40% of you said to internal links/products/services and 20% said to other sites with the same or simulaor product. This week we want to move onto another topic, Keeping it to do with the… READ MORE

Try Priority Support for £2.50

As you may of noticed we have now launched Priortiy Support. Priority Support starts at just £5 per month and gives you unlimited priority support where we will reply within 10 miniutes of you opening a support ticket. To celebrate the launch we are giving all customers both new and existing the chance to try… READ MORE