Introducing our new live chat…

Well it’s been a very long time since we had a blog post and there is good reasons for that. If you head to our Facebook page you’ll read about what’s been going on. Anyhow we’ve decided today to ditch our current Live Chat provider and switch to something different all together. You’ll see a… READ MORE

Our future into the Cloud

Anyone who is a keen eyed spotted will notice there has been some changes on the TinyHosting website over the last few days. So what’s changed, what’s happening and what is in store for the future… Well we can now confirm that we will no longer be looking to offer Virtual Dedicated Servers, Virtual Private… READ MORE

Changes to SSL

Today we have decided to make some changes to the way we sell SSL certificates. As with immediate effect we will no longer sell any SSL certificates via My TinyHosting. Currently we do sell 2 SSL Certificates via cPanel. cPanel DV SSL Certificate & COMODO DV SSL Certificate. Currently sold at $12 & $15. This… READ MORE

Buy your SSL certificate directly from cPanel cheaper

We are pleased to announce we’ve added a great new feature to cPanel. You can now purchase an SSL certificate directly from cPanel which will be installed and setup for you. Ensure you have a Dedicated IP address before. Once you’ve done this simply login to cPanel and go to  SSL/TLS Wizard.  Select the domain… READ MORE

Telephone support closed Wednesday 4th May 2016.

It is with regret that on Wednesday 4th May 2016 our telephone lines will not be taking any calls. Both Ashley Williams & Adrian Gibson who man the phones will both be attending a funeral. Phone lines will re-open on Thursday. Ticket support is not effected by this.

EU Referendum what do you think?

So you are probably aware by now that we are set to have an EU referendum on 23rd June. So simple question, In or Out? [poll id=”13″]

Our prices explained about VAT

Recently TinyHosting started charing VAT to UK customers. All UK customers have to pay VAT on our products & services. Businesses who are VAT registered can claim the cost of VAT back. So what has this meant and what has changed? Well basically all our prices include VAT for UK residents. None UK residents don’t… READ MORE

Managed your My TinyHosting via cPanel

We are pleased to announce that thanks to WHMCS we have introduced a brand new feature. Once you login to cPanel you’ll see a new Billing & Support Area. You can click any of those links which will then take you directly to your My TinyHosting account without having to login to MyTinyHosting. cPanel knows… READ MORE

Did you get an Apple TV for Christmas?

Did you get an Apple TV for Christmas? If so you’ve probably been checking out the AppStore just like I have. You’ll probably be a little disappointed that it’s looking rather empty at the moment but fear not developers are working hard already to bring you new apps to the Apple TV AppStore. We’ve got… READ MORE

It’s fairly easy to give 100% uptime….

You may or may not realise but TinyHosting used to strive for 99.9% uptime which we changed last year to 100% for many reasons. First of all our main reason was that we realised the server was the most reliable we’ve ever had since we started back in 2011. So much so we think this… READ MORE